We are a Human Capital Managment Consulting Firm focused in attraction, development and retention of Talent in Latin America. We help to create value in different strategic HR practices: Recruiting, Employee Development, Performance Appraisal, Coaching & Leadereship, Employee Climate and Change Management. As a professional team, we focus on improving the overall quality of services through Capital Management and Organizational Development practices.

We provide hands-on learning, and deliver results that can immediately be transferred to the work place. Our staff are highly trained experts in experiential learning both inhouse and online , with more than 20 +years experience in Latin American corporations.

Training Solutions

Inhouse and Online

Areas of Training Expertise

  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Middle Management Skills Development
  • Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation
  • MTA ® Experiential Learning Workshops (Gamification)
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  • Team building Skills (indoor & outdoor format)
  • Multicultural Management Skills
  • LIFO® Method for Communications and Management Style identification
  • Change Management & Project Management
  • Leadership & High Performing Team Development
  • Negotiation Techniques & Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Train the Trainer & Public Speaking
  • Outdoor Teamwork & Experiential Learning
  • Delivery of training courses & seminars both in English and Spanish language
  • Points of You ™ Seminars (Gamification)


Managing Director

Aristoteles is a HR Organizational Behavior and Development Consultant with 25 + years’ experience in Latin America, working in strategic consulting assignments for multinational firms such as Exxon Mobil, Clorox, P&G, Zurich Insurance, BP, Coca Cola, Arla Foods Ingredients and many others in Latin America. Aristoteles is a University Professor at Graduate Level in The School of Organizational Psychology in UAI University, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

In 1994, Nielsen established Nielsen Asoc. Int'l., a knowned consulting firm formed by trained professionals in the fields of Management, Psychology and Human Resources; Nielsen focuses its practice in Human Capital Planning, Management Development, Performance Development and Evaluation. On Line and Inhouse Coaching & Consulting Services, both in Spanish & English.

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We can advise you on key processes that enable successful talent attraction, development and retention.

Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development Solutions

In order to achieve higher returns on people investment, we help organizations to customize strategies for managing integrated talent practices in order to Attract, develop, motivate, retain and strengthen the pipeline of committed talent throughout the business.

Human Capital Practices:

We focus in the development of core Human Capital practices such as:

  • Job Analysis & Job Description
  • Work force analysis
  • Employee Opinion and Work Climate Surveys
  • Developmentof Performance (KPI) Indicators
  • Competency Based Performance Development & Evaluation Systems
  • Job Potential Assessment
  • Development of Core competencies at Functional and Organizational Level
  • Human Capital Planning
  • Employee Branding Strategies
  • “Onboarding” Strategies

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Recruiting Talent


For an effective attraction of the best talent we help our Clients to put in place the following Selection and Recruiting Practices:

  • Head Hunting of Core and Strategic Positions
  • Middle Management and Supervisory Level Selection.
  • Selection of Administrative & Technical Staff
  • Attraction and Recruiting of High Potential Profiles (HIPO’s)
  • On Boarding Strategies for new entrees

Organizational Workplace Climate Solutions

Employee Opinion Surveys

Successful organizations realize the value of creating a work environment (or climate) that motivates employees to be highly engaged and be effective performers.

It is a well known fact that a positive organizational work climate help retain employees, reduce turnover, and enhance job performance and job satisfaction. Through the measurment and the analysis of corporate Climate results, areas of opportunity can be identified for workplace improvements.

Outdoor Training

We have 25 years + experience in the design and Delivery of Training Programs using both experiential learning and outdoor training learning strategies.


Our programs offer challenge and learning in a variety of environments. Methods used include low rope activities focused on problem solving skills, team development and team building skills. The challenging experience impacts both emotionally and rationally. It also help in the development of interpersonal and trust building skills. There is also an intrinsic satisfaction that groups and companies experience from participation in outdoor and experiential activities.



We use tolos and learning strategies based in “Learning by Doing”). We are Certified in MTa® Experiential Learning, a powerful methodolgy develop in Britain that has been used over 25 years now all over the world to effectively developed skills in Change Managment, High Performing Working Teams, Design Thinking , Creativity and Innovation, and many other core behavioral competencias and soft skills. Our experiential learning approach provide opportunities for “hands on” powerful learning. Our method and learning materials deliver change, improve effectiveness and deliver proven ROI on training.


Coaching for Business

We use a Client Centered Approach to enhance coaching sessions with executives, managers, team leaders, and individuals who want to improve their interpersonal effectiveness. To enhance the full possibilities, our Coaching  focus approach is based in the assumption that the client is the expert on him/herself.     

We use tools such as The Lifo Method ® and The Coaching Game  to facilitate awareness and action, insights and growth.  These powerful tools for self-discovery, team building and leadership development, are used  individually, one-on-one, and with small and larger groups.


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We add value by providing solutions in Training, Selection and Development of Human Capital, which enable greater competitiveness in organizations.

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