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Solutions for Improving Communications and Interpersonal Relations

Based in the research of Erich Fromm, Carl Rogers and Peter Drucker, the LIFO® Method was developed in 1960, and since then has been widely adopted in all kind of corporations, public organizations and government, in the US and Europe.


LIFO® (Life Orientations) has been developed partially by one renowned Organizational Scientists, Dr. Allan Katcher, founder and Director of Allan Katcher International. This method has been applied in training and consulting programmes for more than 8 million participants worldwide, including over 500.000 Japanese Managers.

Lifo ® Tool

The combination of general, vital orientations is obtained through a standardized profile that takes 20 minutes for its administration. The results of this profile shows which orientations (styles) are most preferred and least preferred, both at routine, stress and Conflict situations.

LIFO ® Benefits

  • Synergize the organizational pool of talents throughout the organization.
  • Provide strategies for increasing interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Team building and development of high performance working teams.
  • Labor Relations Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Analysis/Organizational Development
  • QWL-  Quality of Working Life and Communications Improvement
  • Selection of Talent Pool aligned with company competencies.
  • Conflict handling and conflict resolution
  • Management and Executive Development
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